Self-Service Coin Counter ProDeposit

Self Service Devices

Simple operation enables to make deposits without guidance

Thanks to the thoughtful design, it is possible for customers to make fully automatic deposits of mixed coins – without even pressing a button! After the deposit, the machine automatically prints a receipt*, which for example can be immediately redeemed in the retail sector, and brings in additional sales. Only 34 cm width, height 98 cm, depth 50 cm. Choose your own design out of various available templates!

Highlights of the clever and compact device:
• choose your own design out of various available templates
• low noise and higher speed
• with motorized overload protection
• with cleaning device
• secure heavy door hinges and safe lock
• automatic start, stop, and receipt printing*
• clear, illuminated display (only for standalone unit)
• straight, simple design fits the ambience
• maximum system availability
• high counting speed up to 900 coins/minute
• proven coin transport system
• cleaning tracks and integrated blockade check
• thermal printer (optional)
• security for foreign coin identification

Particular service-friendly design
• separate coin and technology unit
• highest security against vandalism and burglary
• optional: safe bags, coin bags, or coin containers

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Self-Service Coin Counter ProDeposit

Self-Service Coin Counter ProDeposit


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