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Your new customer magnet – a sales increase system

Where should you go with all your coins? Nearly every one of your customers has a stash of coins – either in an overloaded wallet or in a glass jar at home. Getting rid of it again is not that easy.

We offer the perfect solution – a win-win situation!

The CoinShopper by Procoin transforms non-productive coins into additional purchasing power and increased sales.

A benefit for your customers: Get rid of small change and shop immediately!
CoinShopper is a self-service coin deposit system that’s easy as pie to use. After the machine has counted the coins, it prints out a value voucher that is redeemable in your store.

The advantage for you: Increased sales and greater customer loyalty!
• The value voucher is perceived as “extra money” by your customers and is issued directly in your store for purchases.

• The collected coins are used as change in your cash registers. Alternatively, your service provider will make sure that the coins are removed from the machine.

CoinShopper – the new cash cow for your store
• The CoinShopper attracts more customers into your store.

• Significant increase in sales through additional voucher purchases

• Reliable small change processing that is readily available

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