Coin Sorter Q12

Coin Counting Machines

Coin Sorter Q12

Coin Processing thought through to the end

With Q12 coin processing is newly defined. This high-performance coin sorter – an entirely new development – relies on a rotating brush excelling in an exceptionally long lifetime instead of the traditional belts and rubber discs. Likewise, all other components, e.g. sensor module and the entire coin feeding path are consequently designed for a maximal lifetime and highest reliability.

The Q12 is perfectly qualified for handling high coin volumes due to its unexcelled economy, superior ergonomics and maximal e ciency. Capacity: up to 4000 coins per minute.

• Coin outlets with status indicator and intelligent container recognition
• Fast access to coin transport path
• Ergonomically positioned active coin outlets
• Compatibel with C31
• New sensor module
• Brush replaces belt

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Coin Sorter Q12

Coin Sorter Q12


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