Coin Sorter PRC 330

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Sort coins in a professional manner

Tens of thousands sold to banks and retail: The PRC 330 is a classic coin sorter with high capacity, which counts up to 8 different coin types in one pass and sorts them based on the gravity rail system.
At the same time the Coinsure Adaptive® Sensor detects foreign money and sorts it reliably. The large hopper can hold up to 3,000 coins and makes it possible to detect foreign bodies in the coins.

Versatile options
The coin boxes can be replaced any time by up to 8 parallel bag holders. Also an optional system for the easy production of coin rolls. Optionally, receipts can be quickly and easily created using the external thermal printer for insertion into SafeBags.

• Coinsure Adaptive® Sensor
• mixed value counting for up to 8 Euro coin types
• coin sorting with flexible system: coin boxes or bagging system
• double batch stop function
• large hopper – high capacity

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Coin Sorter PRC 330

Coin Sorter PRC 330


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