Coin Roll Packaging System 8010

Coin Packaging

The most efficient solution to pack coin rolls

The 8010 is a highly efficient solution for packing coin rolls in handy foil packs. The latest generation of the 8000 series of coin roll packaging systems is the result of 30 year experience in the eld of coin roll processing. 8010 offers highest reliability and long lifetime at lowest operating cost.

The improved, fourth generation is even more reliable and easier to operate. Oven rollers are now coated with a new and repellent coating for longer life and better heat resistance. The redesigned sealing unit is easier to maintain and repair. The new mount for the side sealing bars ensures that no damage can happen in case of a jam.

A new PLC – programmable logic controller – with touch screen makes operation simple and safe. Compared to its successful predecessor the 8010 offers even more flexibility in setting operating parameters such as welding times, temperatures, etc. and can thus be adapted even better to specific requirements.

Individual settings can be stored in the PLC memory and recalled if required. The touch screen is mounted on a swivel arm and can be swivelled through approx. 180 degrees. This allows convenient operation of the system.

• Uses single-layer plastic foil
• Easily accessible film roll (arranged above the welding unit)
• Easy and quick changing of the film rolls
• Minimized waste by using the optimum film width in each case
• Menu-driven operation and warnings
• Latest PLC technology reduces the number of components used internally and contributes to reliability
• Pivoting touch screen mounted on the boom
• High storage capacity for storing individual settings
• Software update via CF Memory Card

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Coin Roll Packaging System 8010

Coin Roll Packaging System 8010


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