Coin Packaging ProWrap

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Proven technology with innovative features

The ProWrap coin wrapper is an automatic coin wrapper providing top performance: it wraps up to 35 coin rolls per minute. Equipped with the latest electronics and proven mechanics. Built of durable materials such as stainless steel and industrial ceramics. Coin wrapper with LCD display and clearly arranged keyboard for simple operation and information in German, for example, about the coin roll number and coins counted.

Ideal for banks, cash centres and cash transporters

ProWrap has a special stacking mechanism for the production of rolls of coins; perfect stacking of the coins is ensured even at the fastest processing speed. Designed for professional cash handling and the fully automated production of Bundesbank-approved coin rolls.

Active Lift Control enables connection to the Procoin coin lift. The ProWrap coin wrapper automatically starts and stops the lift to ensure the required amount of coins are supplied.

• coin packaging at up to 30 rolls per minute
• easy-to-read LCD display
• active lift control
• optional roll height monitoring
• Pro Pack connection
• fully automated packaging of coin rolls in accordance with the requirements of the ECB

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Coin Packaging ProWrap

Coin Packaging ProWrap


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