Coin lift 208

Coin Packaging

Sorters and coin roller perfectly filled

The coin lift 208 is the heart of the coin conveyor system. Thanks to its modern PLC control, it also controls the 208 VB (for filling two coin rollers) or 208 VB3 (for filling three coin rollers). Thanks to adapter kits, a wide variety of coin containers can be used, including of course the containers of the C31 system.

The amount of coins conveyed is variably adjustable. The coin distribution conveyor 208 VB is simply mounted in front of the coin lift and supplies two coinrollers. 208 VB3 has a controller and ensures optimum distribution to the three outlets. The coin lift can be positioned either on the right or left behind the system or optionally on the side.

• Variable coin output up to 6,500 coins/min.
• Suitable for the NGZ C31 coin container system
• Robust design, high variability
• Adapter for different coin containers
• PLC control
• Expandable with coin distribution belts
• Supplies Coin Rollers/Coin Sorters
• Long service life with low operating costs

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Coin lift 208

Coin lift 208


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