Coin Handling System C31

Coin Packaging

The new system for smart coin handling

Finally a new solution for intelligent coin handling has arrived. No carrying of heavy weights, no compromising anymore: The new C31 system covers all aspects of coin handling from coin sorting, packaging and storage: smart, quick and affordable.

The C31 Container has 20 to 25 times more capacity compared to an ordinary coin bag and saves a lot of time. Coin sorters will work continuously rather then stopping all the time due to full bags that need to be changed. Time consuming handling of hundreds of bags is replaced by a small number of movements of C31 Containers. Uninterrupted supply of coins to the packaging system is ensured.

Many cash centers suffer from a lack of space. Full coin bags need to be stored on big tables and trolleys. Conventional coin containers on casters have a large footprint and are fed by an expensive conveyor system.

A C31 Container is 4.7″ wide with a footprint of only 1.1 sqft. so the full space under your coin sorter can be efficiently used to contain a large amount of coins. Coins are fed by tubes straight into the C31 Containers.

Full C31 Containers are moved comfortably and secure with the C31 Trolley. A full bag weighs 7.5 to 11 lbs (3.3 to 5 kg) and needs to be lifted by the staff. 200 to 400 physical actions per person and shift – like bending down to change a bag or lifting a full bag – are daily routine when working with bags. C31 puts an end to this.

• Light: weighs only 32 lbs and can easily be carried by hand
• Affordable: easy to keep enough containers to cope with peak situations
• Durable: made of stainless steel, light and yet a sturdy construction
• Compact: with small footprint, can be placed under or close to the coin sorter
• Secure: containers are automatically latched to the trolley whilst in transit

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Coin Handling System C31

Coin Handling System C31


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