Coin Counter Coin120

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For large amounts of money: Coin Counter Coin120

The Coin120 coin counter has an even greater capacity than the Coin100 coin counter. With the Coin120 coin counting machine you can count pre-sorted coins. Thanks to its two-buttons operation is very simple: Just one keystroke is needed to switch between up to 10 different coin types. All coins with a diameter less than 0.5 mm are automatically removed from the Coin120 coin counter. Variable quantity stops are also adjustable for comfortable use.

• counts and batches single denomination coins
• intake capacity: up to 18.000 coins
• counting speed: up to 2.500 coins/minute
• up to 10 coin types
• various configurable batch stops
• storage of counting operations

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Coin Counter Coin120

Coin Counter Coin120


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