Warning – New counterfeit 500 Euro note

A counterfeit warning intended for banks and cash in transit companies.
September 2015. Together with the Criminal Intelligence Service, Germany’s Bundesbank warns of the newly discovered 500 Euro banknotes with confusingly general and machine-readable features. The counterfeits first surfaced in the Netherlands and now in Germany and are recognised by many deposit machines as counterfeit or suspicious.

Distinguishing features of the counterfeit 500 Euro notes
Some security features are deceptively well imitated When comparing the front with a genuine note, the forgery is whitish and pink. Also the paper does not feel so rough. The watermark appears light on the dark background on the counterfeit 500 Euro note while on the real note the value on the dark background appears dark. Please contact our technical department for more information and photos of the identifying features.

Our advice for guarding against counterfeit money
Take out a service contract with Procoin GmbH – be on the safe side. You will receive a maintenance schedule as soon as possible and your device software is constantly being updated with new security updates.

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