Self-service deposit of banknotes and coins


For transport companies, bus operators, parcel service providers

Bus drivers will appreciate it… parcel delivery employees will love it! The ProDeposit-T plus self-service deposit machine takes over the time-consuming counting and calculating of coins and banknotes at transport and parcel service companies around the clock and seven days a week – completely independently of the cash desk’s opening hours.
The specially developed self-service deposit system offers a reliable solution for any place where a lot of cash needs to be processed within a short time and where fast processing is essential.

The innovative technology, user-friendly TFT touch display, convenient depositing/driver identification and a large coin capacity ensure the highest possible efficiency.

Thanks to the multitude of available options such as a coin change function, a function for the return of coins and banknotes, various coin container solutions, special RAL colours, remote monitoring options and much more, the features of the device can be adapted precisely to the requirements of your company. Just go ahead and ask our specialists for more details!

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