Procoin strengthens international market position

Since September 2016 Procoin is operating completely independent from its former minority shareholder.

In the past, we have been successful with our international partnerships. But for the future we have recognized excellent chances for improvement in quality, product reliability, research and development by increasing the standards of our complete supply chain. The cash processing business requires the highest level in reliability, integrity and innovation.

What already started very successful in 2010 – with Procoin’s brand label Cashwork and the ProNote series of currency counters – is now extended by a range of most competitive coin counting products. With more to come in 2017, after the most successful business year in the history of Procoin GmbH.

In this context we would like to explicitly claryfy, that we are the only company rightfully operating under our original brand label Procoin. We also would like to ask our Procoin international customers to make sure that they work with our own authorized Procoin staff.

Please note, we are only using email-addresses that end with: / /
And also our company adress is still: Procoin GmbH, Silostraße 31/33a, D-65929 Frankfurt am Main

For any requests regarding Procoin international business please contact our experts:

Sales Support
Mr Florian Herr (Flo), email:
Mr Erik de Kat (Erik), email:
Mrs Heike Schütze (Heike), email:
Mr Marcus Nau (Marcus), email:

Phone: +49 69 2440424 111

Technical Support
Mr Markus Deininger (Markus), email:
Mrs Mihaela Maru (Mihaela), email:
Mr Chritoph Martin (Chris), email:
Phone: +49 69 2440424 266

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