Procoin and G+D at the CashCon 2019 in Frankfurt

CashCon 2019 – the conference for cash specialists and central meeting place for the cash industry – took place in Frankfurt at the end of January. 

During two days, top-class experts from retail, banking, services and industry reported on practical experiences, informed about new requirements and offered impulses for all processes of the cash cycle. The focus was on the attractiveness of the means of payment, cost-optimized handling, security aspects, progressive services and the future acceptance of cash.

Dr. Frank Pitter of G+D and Marcus Nau, Procoin, gave a practical presentation on the topic of “Standardization and efficient solutions in cash logistics for banknotes and coins” in their specialist lecture for cash experts and interested parties. The two companies G+D Currency Technology and Procoin GmbH also took part in CashCon 2019 as main sponsors.

Marcus Nau, Procoin, Managing Director

Marcus Nau, Managing Director of Procoin

Procoin on CashCon

Procoin GmbH on CashCon 2019











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