Warning – New counterfeit 500 Euro note

A counterfeit warning intended for banks and cash in transit companies. September 2015. Together with the Criminal Intelligence Service, Germany’s Bundesbank warns of the newly discovered 500 Euro banknotes with […]

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Beware of trickster at ATM

New tricks by fraudsters on how customers are robbed at ATMs were presented in the HR-television show “de facto”. The case of a woman in Lünen was presented, who was […]

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New 50 euro counterfeits in circulation

The safe solution for financial institutions and the retail sector:
The banknote detector Eurosure II from Procoin The Federal Criminal Police and the German Bundesbank warn against false fifty euro notes. […]

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Self-service deposit of banknotes and coins

For transport companies, bus operators, parcel service providers Bus drivers will appreciate it… parcel delivery employees will love it! The ProDeposit-T plus self-service deposit machine takes over the time-consuming counting […]

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