New coin authentication regulation

Update for your coin counting machine:
We get your coin circulation rolling!

The coin authentication regulation EU 1210/2010 applies conclusively since January 01, 2015. According to it, each credit institution that wishes to put incoming coins back into circulation must check such coins for their authenticity and fitness for circulation. Procoin provides technical consultation to ensure that you can comply with the EU coin authentication regulation without any difficulty:

Muenzzaehl- und Sortiermaschine Procoin PRC 330

coin counting machine Procoin PRC 330

• without additional training
• no reporting requirements
• faster, simple processing
• improved customer satisfaction
• with solutions in conformity with the regulation

We would be happy to give you professional advice and to inspect your coin counting machines. You can also set up your own internal coin circulation to save costs. Just use thecontact form or give us a call.

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