New 50 euro counterfeits in circulation

The safe solution for financial institutions and the retail sector:
The banknote detector Eurosure II from Procoin

The Federal Criminal Police and the German Bundesbank warn against false fifty euro notes. For months, there have been counterfeit 50 euro notes with a targeted counterfeit hologram in circulation throughout the country.

Eurosure2 detetor for banknostes

Eurosure II banknote detector, ECB certified

The counterfeit notes can be discovered during visual inspection, when paying attention to security features by “feel-look-tilt”. When in doubt, it is “recommended when checking a suspicious banknote that you compare it with another banknote which you know for sure is genuine.”

In order to not only rely on the human eye and instinct, an ECB certified banknote validator such as the Eurosure II from Procoin should be used. It checks banknotes quickly and safely in any position and in any direction and warns against counterfeits with a visual and audible signal.

The BKA recommends: If a banknote is recognized as a counterfeit one should immediately notify the local police station and put the counterfeit money in an envelope so as not to obliterate traces of fingerprints. One should also note the appearance of the depositor and possibly the license plate number of the vehicle.

Information concerning authentication of euro banknotes and how to protect against counterfeit money is made available by the German Federal Bank ( and the European Central Bank ( on their websites.

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