High increase in counterfeit euro notes. Money counting machines improve safety.

The Austrian National Bank announces currently a “massive increase in counterfeit currency”. According to an ORF Vienna report almost 10,000 counterfeit euro banknotes have already been discovered this year. An increase of more than 150 percent over the previous year. Also there are more euro counterfeits in circulation in Germany than ever before: 50,500 banknotes were unmasked in the first half of 2015 – more than twice as many as last year. What helps here are reliable money counting machines to detect and stem the tide of counterfeit banknotes.

The money counting machines for banknotes from Procoin GmbH play an important role in the detection of counterfeits. Procoin banknote counting devices check in a single pass a series of security features, such as the detection of magnetic surfaces and tests with UV and infra-red light. Depending on the device type the banknote counting device stops once it has detected a false note or sorted the counterfeit currency note into a separate reject bin. So the counting and checking can continue non-stop.

Questions on counterfeit detection or on the banknote counter from Procoin can be answered by our experts by calling the telephone number 069-244 04 24-111.

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