ECB tested devices for banknote processing

The ECB has placed a complete table of devices for banknote processing on its newly designed website which are suitable for the verification of authenticity of banknotes and their right to be in circulation – Updated on 17 July 2015.

The list contains all devices that have passed a test at a national central bank (NCB) and their manufacturers have provided all the necessary information. Credit institutions and other cash handlers may use these devices for testing the authenticity and the fitness for circulation of Euro banknotes – in accordance with Decision ECB 2010/14.

The list of ECB-tested devices can be found here.

Moreover, the ECB offers a special service on its website: Using a database one can search specifically according to different criteria or a specific device, based on criteria such as device number, name, type, manufacturer, city and country of the manufacturer. A list of devices that can process the new € 5 – € 10 banknotes can also be created using the free text search.

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