Counterfeits of euro notes in circulation

The new security features of the euro banknotes offer greater protection against counterfeiting. As a result, the number of euro counterfeit banknotes seized has recently fallen significantly. At present, however, there is an increasing number of rather clumsy counterfeit notes appearing nationwide in Germany – bad copies with “prob copy” printed on them.

The State Criminal Police Office (LKA) in Schleswig-Holstein warns against counterfeit 10- and 20-euro notes that have been in circulation for several weeks. The new types of counterfeit notes first appeared in the northeast of Hamburg as well as in southern Schleswig-Holstein, but in the meantime they can be found nationwide, the LKA reported. They are counterfeit banknotes that lack the security features and have the imprint “prob copy” on the back. The colour copies, apparently produced in series, could be purchased for little money from Asian suppliers on the Internet.

The serial numbers are always the same: Up to now, the 10-euro counterfeit note has always had the number PA7497803159, the 20-euro counterfeit note UC1366259581. Many of these counterfeit notes were initially seized in school canteens. Some of the notes seemed to have been deliberately placed on sidewalks and public places. According to the police, finders had then used them as means of payment.

Detecting and reporting counterfeit money

When consumers get hold of counterfeit money, they have a double problem. First, there is no substitute for it and anyone who passes on the counterfeit money is liable to prosecution. Consumers should therefore carefully examine all banknotes they receive, advises the Bundesbank in Frankfurt am Main. Those affected should contact the police if they discover counterfeit money.

Source: n-tv

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