Beware of trickster at ATM

New tricks by fraudsters on how customers are robbed at ATMs were presented in the HR-television show “de facto”. The case of a woman in Lünen was presented, who was pushed threatened and distracted by two offenders directly after entering her PIN. Despite the fact that the woman was quick witted enough to quickly press the Cancel button EUR 1,000 was seized by the perpetrators from the ATM. Obviously not an isolated case – at the same ATM five similar attacks have already taken place.

Another trick is so-called “skimming”.

For this purpose the perpetrators film customers entering the secret pin unnoticed by means of a mini camera on the ATM. At the same time the magnetic stripe of the customer card is read in a module attached to the ATM and then cash is lifted with a cloned card abroad.

In cash trapping, a dummy output module is mounted on the ATM by the perpetrators.

An adhesive film inside the module intercepts the banknotes which are then taken by the offender.

Often neither the insurance of the customer nor the bank or savings bank pays for the damage as this fraud is in a shady area of ​​the law.

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