ICA informations about Cash and Corona Virus

  • Banknotes and coins do not pose a particular risk of infection for the public.
  • Several central Banks, the experts on cash, see no evidence for banknotes transmitting the virus (e.g. Deutsche Bundesbank)
  • The same goes for medical experts and the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) … (read more)

We make your cash processes safe.

If you are looking for counting, validating, sorting or packaging solutions for banknotes and coins: Procoin is the right partner for you. We specialise in developing reliable banknote validators, coin sorters, coin packaging machines and self-service deposit units to facilitate cash handling for our customers.

Procoin is one of the leading providers of cash management solutions on the market and offers you the full range of products: from high-quality banknote counters, coin sorters and coin counters, through coin wrappers, all the way to complete coin roll packaging systems.

Our product lines are developed continuously and we add new, safe devices to our portfolio each year. We have also continued to expand our domestic and international customer service and sales network. Our distribution network is growing steadily and currently covers over 40 countries.

We look forward to convincing you of the outstanding quality of our products.

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*successfully tested – see: www.ecb.europa.eu

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In 1998 Procoin was founded as a specialist for coin and banknote technology.
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