Coin Sorting System Cashwork one

Coin Counting machines

New generation high-performance coin sorting system.

Cashwork One® is a latest generation coin counting and sorting system, which works at full speed. It was developed specifically for use at ticket offices and main cash desks: Due to the particularly quiet coin transport it produces minimal noise.

The DS version meets any additional requirements from the cash centre environment.

The newly developed Coinsure® Matrix Sensor ensures reliable screening of foreign money, is currently Bundesbank-tested and detects all known counterfeit coins.

The latest electronics make the system future-proof. Updates can be performed easily via removable storage media.Counting or statistical data is easily transferred over the network (via optional network interface) to a downstream computer system.

• High-performance coin sorting system
• Verification according to Bundesbank regulations
• update-capable system
• corresponds to EU 1210/2010
• Coinsure 4D Matrix® Sensor
• extra high counting rate

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Coin Sorting System Cashwork one

Coin Sorting System Cashwork one


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