Procoin enforces Sales Support in line with Business Progress

Dear Procoin business partners and friends,

During the last 6 months our international business volume has developed well in line with our planning, based on our portfolio of innovative and highly competitive products for coin as well as currency processing.

We are happy and grateful to you, our competent and reliable business partners, for doing such a great job!

Florian Herr Procoin Sales and ServiceIn return, we are pleased to inform you that we succeeded to enforce our sales and services support team with a new talented member, Mr. Florian Herr. Florian, age 32, has worked as Sales and Key Account Manager based on his professional background in electronic communications and as a diplomaed wholesale and export merchant. Besides his professional competence you will find Florian a likeable person with a good practical experience in human relations.

At present he is undergoing his on-the-job training in our Frankfurt headquarters familiarizing himself with all vital business processes of our company. It is our intention – in due course – to re-enforce our well proven, existing sales support team by Florian Herr. So, please, for any requests regarding Procoin international business, contact our experts:

Sales Support
Mr Florian Herr (Flo), email: (offical starting date to be announced soon)
Mrs Heike Sch├╝tze (Heike), email:
Mr Marcus Nau (Marcus), email:

Phone: +49 6103 50 99 70

Technical Support
Mr Markus Deininger (Markus), email:
Mr Nikolaos Kirkou (Niko), email:
Phone: +49 6103 50 99 747

We are convinced that the added professional and motivated manpower carried by your back-up will considerably strengthen our impact on our foreign markets.

Looking forward to a continuous, successful and beneficial business friendship,
yours sincerely,

Marcus Nau
Managing Director

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